Lyrics and chords to the songs from San Antonio Youth original musical, "The Guest of Honor" are now available.
Get them here.

Version 1.2 is out. 20 new songs added.

If you notice, there are more links to choose from below. From here on, updates to the songbook and chordbook will come in two forms. For people who already downloaded and printed the songbook and would not like to reprint the entire thing all over again, we have the updates available separately, so you can download, print and then add them to your exisiting book. But for the completists out there, the entire UPDATED versions of the song and chordbook are also available. Pls. note however that this songbook is ever growing. So there will be more updates in the near future. I can't say how frequent they're gonna be, but you can keep sending in suggestions to add, and once we have 20 or more new songs, another update will be uploaded for everyone.

Welcome to the "official" Youth of San Antonio music ministry page. It's here where you can download the latest versions of our song book and chord book for your own use and enjoyment.

These 'books' are composed of songs that have been sung in our Church by Luke 18, Antioch, SYA & Vosa. The people who compiled and typed up these books have taken great pains to try and make them as definitive and as complete as possible.

Of course, no one is perfect, so chances are, some songs may have been left out or some chords may have been misplaced. If there are any songs that you would like to add to these books, or some corrections you would like to suggest, drop us a line.

To download, right click any of the buttons below and choose "save target as" for IE users or "save link target as" for Netscape users. Finally, to view or print these books, you will need Adobe Acrobat reader which you can get for free by clicking on the Adobe button below. So download, print out and enjoy :)